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We build and renovate all asset types under three business models, all of which focus on net-zero energy, sustainability and wellness.   

1) We joint venture with land and property owners to build new or renovate existing real estate assets. 

2) We design and build tenant improvements for property owners and business owners. 

3) We syndicate our own real estate developments.  

We manage every aspect of the project including strategic planning, technology, project feasibility, design, budget, entitlement, construction and leasing or sale.  Our projects have always been leaders in balancing design innovation with cost efficiencies and returns.  (See Case Studies)  



The 119 is chosen due to our uniquely diverse experience, foresight, creativity and core values: competence, diligence and integrity.  Our partners and investors also recognize and value our fiduciary viewpoint and track record.  We respect every hard-earned dollar entrusted in us and have a proven track record of successfully implementing any budget and business plan in the built environment.  

Joint Venture


We partner with you or your company to build ground-up or renovate and reposition existing assets across all asset types.  Whether the focus is cash flow, capital preservation or growth, our business model allows for flexibility to address objectives, family dynamics and/or corporate culture. 

Our directives and implementation of net-zero energy, wellness and sustainable design will not only increase your property/portfolio's valuation but is designed to last the generations.  Every property's exit, hold or exchange strategy is personalized to each partnership.

“This project did not begin with due diligence, a design team, or a meeting with the City Planner.  I started with a vision of my grandchildren walking through the property pridefully telling their peers, “My Grandmother built this!”  With that one image, I pioneered to the future and brought clarity and direction to all decisions that were needed today.” - Hasmig

Tenant Improvements

Whether you are a property or business owner, you must factor sustainability and wellness into your new or existing locations in order to be competitive.  There is a cost/return inherent to all built environments, especially the interiors where we spend 90% of our time.  The 119 will maximize that return by implementing design and material techniques that increase productivity and wellness resulting in tenant and talent attraction and retention.  




The 119 syndicates on a project-basis and focuses only on net-zero energy, wellness and as many sustainable design elements as possible and profitable including zero carbon and closed loop water and waste.  We transact only when optimal and build teams local to each project.  In addition to providing superior transparency and accountability, our business model has repeatedly proven to minimize costs, improve efficiencies, be favored by the surrounding communities and procure superior returns. (See Case Studies). 

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