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“Our goal is to create, grow, inspire, lead, and progress.” – Hasmig

We build new or reposition existing real estate properties and portfolios to net-zero energy and various sustainability standards with an emphasis on wellness, resilience and community.  Since 2003, we acquired, built, renovated, managed and invested in over $4 billion of CRE across all asset types spanning the country.  We have successfully built and operated through all economic cycles and know how to implement wellness and sustainability as a value proposition.  





The 119, LLC was named after the future 119th element of the periodic table, an element that a few pioneering scientists know to exist and are racing to be the first to discover and confirm for the world to then synthesize and incorporate towards human progress. 

At The 119, we are also pioneering to build what we know our future generations will need AND enjoy.  This is made possible by working with people who exude The 119 foundation: individuals who are pioneers with the gift of insight and the competence, diligence, and integrity to accelerate us to a transcendent future. 



“Generational Real Estate and Venture Capital are actually closely related as they both require an instinctive and futuristic understanding of consumers’ socioeconomic patterns as well as the insight to cause and effect of those patterns.  The combined intelligence determines whether to lead or react to the consumer.”     - Hasmig

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Hasmig Derderian

Founder and managing partner of The 119, LLC

No matter how rich or poor, if passion is not fueling you, then you will run out of energy.  I was 12 when I started saving to fly across the country to witness Falling Water.  I was 23, working as an economist at PwC, when I toured the property and decided that every building in the world should incorporate scientific innovation, nature, and sustainability. 

It was my passion to build, innovate, and lead that gave me the energy to work around the clock and take the risks necessary to become a real estate entrepreneur and impact investor.  Twenty years later, the same passion continues to fuel our culture, work ethic, and direction.  

Upon founding The 119 in 2003,...


"In business and in life, I have met many people who have one or two of the characteristics listed above. It is very rare that I meet an individual that exudes all three. When I meet a person of this quality, I want to work with them because it will ensure that at a minimum, the maximum possible outcome is derived.” - Hasmig

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