Who We Are

Competence, Diligence and Integrity

Who We Are

The 119, LLC is an investment firm that maximizes generational wealth by creating robust real estate portfolios balanced with exclusive Venture Capital opportunities.

We find our future and the future wealth of our families to be best served investing in both real estate and venture capital. We look to real estate for preservation, steady growth of capital and passive income over the generations, however we look to venture capital for aggressive exponential growth that will maximize buying power over the generations. Our real estate services and venture capital services are a product of our own portfolio's investment criteria and strategy. Please contact us to discuss our proprietary Venture Capital strategies, however some insight to our real estate investment strategy is as follows.

Real Estate Investment Strategy

The four primary drivers of our investment strategy and overall investing criteria are management, timing, location and robustness. Our underlying thought process is to identify great opportunity and strive towards the best possible scenario but purchase and plan considering the potential downside.

Management: All real estate investments will have their challenges over any given time period. It is the character and competence of the people managing the properties and investment funds that will determine whether or not an investment will succeed or flounder through rough times and/or to what extent potential profits are maximized or losses mitigated. We look for managers that fit The 119 Philosophy.
Timing: Real Estate behaves no different than the overall economy with respect to peaks and troughs.  As such, regardless of location or asset type, we first identify where the market falls in the overall real estate cycle in order to forecast the potential risk/reward as well as structure the timing of the business plan/hold period and then choose the asset type and location appropriate for such timing.
Location: The old mantra “location, location, location” will always be a primary factor in our criteria, however no more important than our other three criteria and skewed to include asset type and investment goals.  We analyze both primary and secondary markets across the country with different asset types in mind and consider whether or not our immediate purchasing goal is appreciation verses cash flow.
Robustness: We do not focus on only one asset type or location, but rather strive to create robust real estate portfolios for our investors’ individual holdings as well as with respect to our own funds.

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"The most valuable asset I have ever given my clients, be it investors or syndicators, is knowledge:  the information necessary to make a sound investment and business decision."