The 119 Philosophy

Competence, Diligence and Integrity


The 119, LLC was named after the future 119th element in the periodic table, an element that scientists have struggled to synthesize since the 1960's but that has now been "discovered" and awaiting confirmation. Once confirmed, this element will stand in a class of its own on a new 8th row of the periodic table. This exact same dynamic exists in both real estate and in all business: people struggle to find that one element (be it a concept, a product, a person, a service, a property or a business model) that may maximize the chance for success, and once found, it exists in its own class with everyone trying to synthesize it. We at The 119, LLC consider ourselves to be one of those unique business elements necessary for success. Here is why. To be considered a "119" business element, the people we work with must be composed of all three of the following characteristics:

Competence: The intelligence, instinct and experience necessary to identify and capitalize on an opportunity.
Diligence: The persistence, determination, discipline and tenacity needed to implement a given business plan effectively and efficiently.
Integrity: The uncontrollable action of being honest and transparent with respect to intentions and communication as well as proactively applying a fiduciary care and responsibility towards the business and any investors.

Photography is the simplest thing in the world, but it is incredibly complicated to make it really work.

Martin Parr
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"In business and in life, I have met many people who have one or two of the characteristics listed above. It is very rare that I meet an individual that exudes all three. When I meet a person of this quality, I want to work with them because it will ensure that at a minimum, the maximum effort and potential of any given situation was explored and hopefully derived."